Saving Throws

Occasionally, characters must roll to save against exotic attacks like poison, gas, insanity, psionics, etc. When these attacks happen, a character can attempt a saving throw to ignore or lessen the effects. Saving Throws are just like Skill Checks, a character needs to roll under the percentage listed in order to succeed.

Below are the common saving throws in the game, remember to add any relevant modifiers based on attributes.

  • Poison/Toxins/Diseases: 30%
  • Harmful Drugs: 25%
  • Insanity: 40%
  • Psionics:
    40% for Psychics (i.e. MPS O.C.C.)
    25% for ordinary people.

Coma/Death: Based on type of treatment received:
Whether a character survives the coma and is stabilized (brought back to at least one Hit Point above zero), is determined by the roll of percentile dice. If the player rolls two successful recovery rolls out of three, the character breaks out of the coma and is no longer in danger of dying. This also means that he is brought up to one Hit Point above zero.

Recovery Ratio (roll 2 out of 3)
Treatment from unprofessional individuals with medical skills: 18%
Treatment from an intern or nurse: 32%
Treatment from a doctor without proper facilities: 46%
Treatment from a doctor at a clinic (fair facilities): 56%
Treatment from a hospital: 66%
Treatment from a major, large hospital: 70%

Saving Throws

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