Occupational Character Class

A character’s Occupational Character Class (O.C.C.) denotes both the job a character has within the GDL as well as what his role will be within the game itself.

Each O.C.C. is a specialized occupation with the GDL’s structure and provide a variety of skills and abilities to make that character unique from other O.C.C.s

O.C.C. List

  • AVP: Air Vehicle Pilot
    Trains in the operation of the GDL’s flying aresnal, often known in the field as FlyBoys.
  • CET: Communications Engineer and Technician
    Part communications expert and part field engineer, the CET is invaluable for keeping squads of the GDL informed, supplied, and running smooth. Known in the field as FixIts.
  • EBA: Environment Battle Armor Trooper
    Heavily armored and environmentally sealed troopers, often used to be sent to areas too dangerous for regular soldiers. Known as Pigmen in the field.
  • GVP: Ground Vehicle Pilot
    Pilot for the GDL’s array of ground and hover vehicles, known as Grounders in the field.
  • IMS: Infiltration and Military Specialist
    Trained in covert operations, stealth, and sabotage, the IMS are generally not known to the public of Gideon E. Known as Commandos in the field.
  • LBA: Light Battle Armor Trooper
    Standard GDL troops, the backbone of the force and most recognizable to the public. LBAs are often the most versatile of all GDL occupations. Called Grunts in the field.
  • MPS: Mental Phenomenon Soldier
    Soldiers with the ability to use what many dub psionics, the MPS are newly indoctrinated into the GDL. Their training with their new found powers often limits the skill training most other members have. Known as Espers in the field.

Occupational Character Class

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