A character’s health is broken into two parts: S.D.C. and Hit Points.


S.D.C. indicates damage to the physical body that hurts, but is not life threatening. This is the classic movie device of the “flesh wound” and “barroom brawl” where the hero gets shot, stabbed or takes a beating, but, except for a trickle of blood and some bruises, is basically okay.

Starting S.D.C. is determined by O.C.C. and can be improved with certain skills. The maximum amount of S.D.C. any human can have is thirty (30), any gain over that amount is lost.

Hit Points

Hit Point damage is serious and potentially life threatening damage. In most cases, however, even Hit Point damage requires multiple injuries or sustained damage to become truly life threatening. The lower a character’s Hit Points drop, the closer to death he is getting!

Starting Hit Points is equal to a character’s P.E. attribute plus 1d6.

See Damage in the Combat section of the Rules for information on health loss, recovery, and death.


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