Gideon Defense League

As Gideon E was being explored and settled, a need for someone to maintain order was soon apparent. Threats both within the colonies and without demanded a trained force to handle a variety of situations.

From this need came the Gideon Defense League; one part police force, one part military, one part search and rescue. They are a unified mutli-threat response team, able to handle nearly any situation thrown at them.

The GDL is organized into a strict military hierarchy with each colonies General reporting to the Governors Elect.

Ranks of the GDL

Ranks are needed within the GDL to clearly delineate who is in charge of any given situation, allowing orders to be given, received, and executed swiftly within the array of chaos the GDL can find themselves in.

Officer Ranks
  • General
  • Major General
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
Enlisted Ranks
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant First Class
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private First Class
  • Private

Structure of the GDL

The GDL organizes itself into a set structure for ease of planning, logistics and deployment. Besides Teams and Companies, each component of the GDL can consist of a mix of unit types, depending on the situation needed. This mixing of different units from different Companies allows the GDL to maintain cooperation between different unit types.

  • Division: Representing an entire colonies GDL force, a Division exists in name only, as never has there been a need to mobilize that large a force. A Division is overseen by a General.
  • Brigade: Consisting of two or more Battalions, a Brigade usually represents an entire military base within a colony. An entire Brigade has never needed to be mobilized by the GDL. Brigades are run by a Major General.
  • Battalion: Composed of two to five Companies of different units, Battalions are only used for the largest situations. A Battalion is run by a Colonel.
  • Company: A Company is the primary organized component in the GDL and the largest component made up of the same type of units (i.e. all LBAs or AVPs). Each Company trains, works, and lives together and each are given a unique name (such as the Hellcats or White Knights). A Company is commanded by a Captain or Major. Companies are usually not deployed since they consist of the same unit type.
  • Platoon: Composed of two or more Squads, commanded by a First or Second Lieutenant, this is the component most often deployed by the GDL.
  • Squad: Consists of two Teams and is overseen by a Sergeant First Class or Sergeant Major.
  • Team: The smallest component within the GDL, often consists of 5 members (though IMS Teams usually consist of 2 man groups). Commanded by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant.


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