Character Creation

1. Read the Glossary and Come Up with a Concept

The glossary will contain the basic background of the game as well as the area in which the game takes place. Though on another planet, this is more Planetary Romance than hard science fiction. It’s more about the characters, than the setting. Still, a basic understanding of the world you play in should help create a more well rounded character.

Note: For the purpose of this game, all characters will be members of the GDL.

2. Roll Attributes

Roll 3d6 a total of eight (8) times, assign as you wish.

3. Pick Occupational Character Class

A character’s O.C.C. (Occupational Character Class) determines his role both in the campaign and within the structure of the GDL itself.

The O.C.C.’s within the GDL are:

  • AVP: Air Vehicle Pilot
    Field Name: FlyBoy
  • CET: Communications Engineer and Technician
    Field Name: FixIt
  • EBA: Environment Battle Armor Trooper
    Field Name: Pigman
  • GVP: Ground Vehicle Pilot
    Field Name: Grounder
  • IMS: Infiltration and Military Specialist
    Field Name: Commando
  • LBA: Light Battle Armor Trooper
    Field Name: Grunt
  • MPS: Mental Phenomenon Soldier
    Field Name: Esper

4. Determine S.D.C. and Hit Points

S.D.C. and Hit Points determine your character’s health, these will be listed under your O.C.C., roll and record starting S.D.C. and Hit Points now.

5. Record Saving Throws

Record your character’s saving throws.

6. Record O.C.C. Skills

All O.C.C.’s have a listing of O.C.C. Skills, representing specialized skills for their profession as well as basic training received by all GDL members. Record these Skills and their percentages.

7. Choose and Record Electives

Electives represent specialized training and outside interests of your O.C.C. They represent special training in their occupation or perhaps intense interests. Your choice of O.C.C. will determine what Skills you can choose.

8. Choose and Record Secondary Skills

Secondary Skills are additional areas of knowledge that the character has learned in his past. These may be hobbies, interests, or outside training a character may have picked up. Secondary Skills are often self-taught or learned through outside classes or independent study.

Each character gets 7 Secondary skills, plus any gained from a high I.Q. attribute.

9. Record Hand-to-Hand Information

Each character will have a Hand-to-Hand type based on his O.C.C.. These represent basic or advanced training in personal combat. Record the Hand-to-Hand type your character receives as well as all bonuses and abilities for first level.

10. Adjust/Record Bonuses and Derived Stats

Double check the variety of bonuses received from skill choices, attribute modifiers, and hand-to-hand type and make sure all are properly recorded/finalized.

11. Record Starting Equipment

Each O.C.C. has a list of starting equipment given to him by the GDL, record these items now.

12. Choose Alignment

Pick an alignment for your character, evil alignments should be discussed/approved by the GM before chosen.

13. Flesh out character

Look over the final character sheet and flesh out any details. Look, age, personality quirks, history, connections with other PCs, etc.

Start Playing!

Character Creation

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