An Alien World, A Human Problem

Gideon E is a remote colony over 15 light years away from Earth. Human colonists, sent by the GEF, colonized the world centuries ago, yet the world is not fully tamed. Tribal aliens known as Rovers still attack outlying settlements, Sand Beetles grow brave and attack farmlands in search of blood, and disgruntled colonists turn to crime and attacks on their fellow man.

Their only connection to the GEF, the space station Alpha Q, lies on the outskirts of the system and is weeks away from help. Beyond that, it’s years of travel in the void, deep within cryogenic sleep, to reach another populated world. Because of this, the Governors Elect of Gideon E sanctioned the creation of the GDL, a military, police, and rescue force designed to help protect the colonists on world.

You are members of the GDL, tasked to keep the world of Gideon E safe from threats from within and threats from without. But nothing will prepare you for what’s coming.

Suit up, move out!

Peril on Gideon E